"A group of people get together....so they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately".

David Packard, Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard.

Experience a fresh approach to Team Building

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At Soho Gourmet we specialise in providing exceptional catering services for our clients. Our events run like clockwork because we work as a team, focused on our individual tasks, whilst remaining nimble and adaptable to achieve the perfect pizza experience. 

So why not put your team to the test for a day? 

A Soho Pizza team building day will provide an incredible mix of experiences that will help your staff to work together through a unique set of challenges. 

What is our recipe for success?

The Soho Pizza team adhere to a clear set of guidelines and procedures when supporting an event, ensuring that we deliver a consistently high quality service every time.

So with our business blueprint and hands on support, it should make it pretty simple to cook the perfect pizza. Shouldn't it? 

Dispel the hierarchy of the office or factory and challenge yourself to take on a different role. Learn something new about yourself and your colleagues as you help to set up a mobile pizza catering solution, roll the fresh dough, mix the sauce and chop the logs for your wood fired oven....

.....and only then can you kick back and saviour the delight of your very own Creazioni Gustose - Tasty Creation.