Our Story....

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Kris the co-founder of Soho Gourmet. With my founding partner Mark we are proud to have built a wonderful business that epitomises our passion for making great food, our determination to do things the right way, plus a loyalty to our clients values and the staff employed to deliver the service.

The business initially launched as Soho Pizza, a name that reflects our investigation into restaurant locations in London. The prospect of launching a mobile business however was much more appealing, certainly less costly to launch but also capable of providing a platform to support a much broader clientele through a host of event catering opportunities. So we bought and customised our first oven to meet our specific requirements and decided on the name Soho Pizza. 

Our Values......

After 12 months supporting various parties, weddings and social events it was clear that the business had a solid foundation upon which to grow. A second oven was designed and ordered and we have kept making delicious pizza for our clients ever since. Ultimately our business is a success because of the incredible team who support us, the fresh produce we use, our unique dough recipe, our adherence to procedural excellence, the highest food hygiene standards and a commitment to deliver a quality service that helps our clients enjoy their special day.

Our Vision......

The expansion of the business and development of the Soho Gourmet brand represents our ability to scale our offering, providing a broader range of cuisine and catering solutions for our clients. The company vision is simple: "A commitment to create tasty food that not only compliments and enhances the events that we support, but delivers an enjoyable and novel experience for everyone involved...staff, clients and guests alike".

Soho Gourmet look forward to sharing our exceptional standard of food and catering with you, your guests, clients, friends and family.

Best Regards


Soho Gourmet and Soho Pizza Co-Founder