Custom made Wood Burning Ovens

Soho Pizza manage the design and manufacture of all of our Pizza Ovens from start to finish. From novelty conversions (our "Mini Oven") to ovens designed to fit into smaller spaces (the "baby one"), our expertise extends from the ingredients we buy and the processes we adopt, to the training of our staff and the detailed design of our ovens. Put your special occasion in the hands of a team who consider and manage all of the details.


The "Baby One"

The "Baby One" really is a beauty. We designed this oven so that we could support more garden parties, where access wasn't always going to be a wide gate or driveway. Sitting low on its trailer for travel, the oven lifts up to achieve the optimum cooking height. Capable of cooking up to 4 pizzas at once and reaching over 500 degrees, this is traditional stone baked pizza making at its very best.

Dimensions: 1.1m wide and 1.4m long.



The Piccollo oven is incredibly versatile and a real favourite of the team. Custom made, with a polished stainless steal exterior, it has a heated lower storage compartment cable of keeping boxed pizzas warm for over an hour. Piccollo can cook up to 5 or 6 pizzas at once, reaching temperatures of over 550 degrees, creating stone baked pizzas of the highest quality. 

Dimensions: 1.65m wide and 2.2m long.


"Mini" Oven

The "Mini Oven" is our newest design. A wonderful addition to the Soho Pizza range that utilises the iconic Mini cooper as the base and trailer. We have built an oven cable of cooking up to 8 pizzas at a time. We are very proud of this amazing oven and it certainly turns heads at the events it attends. 

Dimensions: 1.85m wide and 2.3m long. 

Soho Pizza Mini Oven.JPG

The Big Oven

Our very first a lot of history for us.....this is a traditional clay wood fired pizza oven. Sitting on an Ifor Williams trailer this is still a favourite of Mark and Kris. It can cook up to 6 pizzas at once, reaches over 600 degrees and sits within a very stylish stainless steel clad trailer. A truly epic oven. 

Dimensions: 2.2m wide and 3.2m long.